Tuesday, 4 October 2016

TDP govt. failed in tackling drought

Ananthapuram, October 4: Calling the bluff of TDP government in mitigating drought, Leader of Opposition YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has said that nearly 90 % of the crop has dried up in the region while Chandrababu Naidu has been claiming that he has driven away drought from the district in just four days and has also undertook an aerial survey to study the intensity of drought.
 Speaking at the Rythu Maha dharna in front of the Collector Office here on Tuesday, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has ridiculed Chandrababu Naidu for his blatant lies, ignorance and tall talk on the drought situation which shows his inefficiency and indifference towards the serious issue.

 During his earlier visit to the district, he had brandished the rain-guns, as if they were invented by him and said that he has driven away drought by providing water to over 4 lakh acres in just four days. The very same field where he used the rain gun has dried up now and he has feigned ignorance and tried to shift the blame on officials and others that no one had brought to his notice about the drought situation.
 While the drought situation in the district was so severe and agriculture labour were migrating in search of livelihood, the Chief Minister who boasts of having computer technology which has a huge database was found wanting when it mattered most, he said.
 Nearly 90 % of the crop has dried up in the region as farmers have taken up groundnut cultivation this time but the deficit rainfall had a severe impact. The deficit rainfall in July and August had led to drying up of crop and the Chief Minister made numerous visits to the district but has never opened up on the issue as it is not a priority for him.
 YSR on the other hand has always been on the side of farmers, who had waived loans in one go and had taken up many schemes to benefit the farmers including irrigation projects.
 Some of them remain to be completed but as agriculture is not the priority for Chandrababu Naidu they are still left out, he said adding that the Chief Minister has resorted to impractical figures of providing water to four lakh acres in four days, which is not possible.
 The claim of providing water is only an alibi to evade input subsidy. Of Rs 990 crore input subsidy, nothing was paid so far. There has been deficit rainfall in the region varying from 25 to 52 % and though rainfall is not in our hands, the government should be providing aid and take steps to mitigate the drought situation and ensure that there are no farmer suicides, he said.
 YSR had shown the way of how a Chief Minister should conduct himself in the face of drought by mounting pressure on the Centre and taking effective steps to ease the drought by expediting the irrigation projects including Handri-Neva, Galeru-Nagari and Pulichinthala which were completed by 80 % and even today they remain the same.
 Even in the face of migration by agriculture labour due to lack of work, the funds for Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme have been diverted. Chandrababu Niadu has been silent even when KCR was drawing more water share.
 We have to join hands to fight the anti-farmer policies of the government, he said.

Monday, 3 October 2016

TDP oppressing people's wishes

Hyderabad, Oct 3: Describing the shifting of governance to the temporary capital as an exercise which lacks any rationale, YSR Congress said that TDP has been using police force to curb people’s movements which will boomerang.
‘The shifting of governance to tentative capital in a hurry is only to cover up the shady deals of Chandrababu Naidu as he his scared after cash for vote case. The person who spoke of staying put in the joint capital for ten years leaving in a hurry shows the main reason of urgency,’ party spokesperson Ambati Rambabu told reporters here on Monday.
‘The tentative capital lacks any infrastructure and the shifting of governance is only to continue the corrupt practices and is also part of the secret pact he had after the cash for vote case. The first half of Chandrababu Naidu term has come to a close but no effort was made to develop infrastructure for the capital city,’ he said.
The TDP government has been trying to curb popular and people’s movements by using force and the provisions of PD Act, which are normally used against criminals and unruly elements. Invoking such Act against political leaders and social activist’s shows that Chandrababu Naidu has been misusing the administration for political and personal gains, he said.
Condemning the police behaviour on CPM leader P Madhu at the Aqua Food Park in West Godavari district, he said such decisions will strengthen the movements further and spell doom to the government. Whenever, Chandrababu Naidu or Venkaiah Naidu visits any place in the state, police have been invoking PD Act and putting the Opposition leaders under custody. Police should also use discretion and go by the rule book, he said.

Saturday, 1 October 2016

How Could You Deceive Your People?

  • Promise made in Tirupati by the name of God
  • Now they ask what the use of SCS is!
  • We shall achieve SCS under YS Jagan's leadership
  • YSRCP leaders Amzad and Akepati

YSR District: Eleven states in the country were granted special category status after it was decided by the cabinet. Then why was the centre hesitating to grant the status to AP, questioned YSRCP MLA Amzad Basha. He attended and spoke at Chaitanya Patham programme organised in YSR District. He reminded how telecast had been cut off at the time of passing bifurcation bill and BJP supported Congress in passing it. While five crore people of AP were fighting for special category status, the centre was evading its sanction, mentioned it was not in the law. Venkaiah Naidu suggested at the time of bifurcation that the status should be sanctioned for ten years, but had now gone back on his word. He condemned bluffing about special package as being a great boon. He confronted the Governments for not having commitment to offer special status to AP.
Why don't they sanction the status if it is so useless?
When the Governments felt that the special category status was of no use, why did they not give it to AP as they would not have anything to lose from it, questioned YSRCP's president of YSR Kadapa District, Akepati Amarnath Reddy. Speaking at Chaitanya Patham programme, he questioned why people of AP were fighting for it if it was of no use. He reminded how PM Narendra Modi had promised ten years of special category status during his speech at Tirupati and how Chandrababu had promised the status for fifteen years instead and how they had shifted gears to now say that it was of no use. He demanded to know why TDP leaders had invested in the states with special category status. He also questioned why the CM who was talking high about special package, was not making his ministers and MLAs invest in AP instead. Akepati reminded how YSRCP president YS Jagan had been proclaiming since the beginning that AP would develop if special category status was sanctioned to it and had been fighting for the cause through dharnas, strikes and agitations. He declared that they would achieve special category status under the leadership of YS Jagan.

Friday, 30 September 2016

Why can't we call one who cheats, a cheat?

  • Babu considers agriculture useless
  • Babu's helicopter tour who was set up after knowing about the opposition leader's visit
  • YSRCP senior leader Botsa Satyanarayana

Guntur: YSRCP's senior leader Botsa Satyanarayana questioned why the CM who did not care about the promises he had made to people should not be called a demonic CM. He demanded to know from the TDP leaders what else could Chandrababu be called after deceiving all classes of people in the state.

Botsa examined the flood affected areas of Kakumanu Mandal in Guntur district on Thursday. He examined the crop fields damaged by floods, offering losses to the farmers. Later, speaking in a media conference, he mentioned how the heavy rains in the state for the last 10 days had caused heavy loss of lives, assets and crop fields. He reminded that major loss had been suffered by Guntur District and the leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan had visited and consoled the farmers who had suffered losses due to floods. He demanded that the government should pay compensation to the farmers affected by floods.

Botsa criticised Chandrababu's Government for not taking enough safety measures in spite of the environment department's repeatedly warning about heavy rains. The CM did not take up any assistance measures in the state until the leader of opposition insisted. He also hastily planned his visit in the flood areas by helicopter after knowing that the leader of opposition YS Jagan would tour in the areas. He slammed Chandrababu for looking for political benefits instead of coming to the aid of the farmers and the people affected by floods. He condemned not discussing the the losses due to floods in the collectors' conference that was conducted for 2 days. He stressed that the Government was responsible for assisting Guntur district that had suffered major loss.

Botsa criticized Chandrababu for boasting about 12% increase of GDP wild people of the state was suffering due to drought. He suggested that Babu's boasting should leave farmers' agony alone. He questioned the justification behind instructing banks not to offer loans beyond scale of finance in the bankers' meeting and later exclaiming that the banks were not offering loans. He confronted how the farmers could get new loans if their old loans were not waived. He demanded the Government to clear the sand deposits caused by overflow of canals. He suggested that this work could be used for Employment Guarantee scheme.

Botsa demanded for estimation of crop loss and loss of assets buy local officials and people's representatives. He suggested Chandrababu to stop counterattacking the opposition without properly understanding their intention. Slamming TDP leaders' ideology that agriculture was a waste of time, he suggested to Babu not to use this situation to perform corruption in the mask of input subsidy and compensation payment.

Thursday, 29 September 2016

SCS, lifeline of people

Hyderabad, Sept 28: Reaffirming that special category status (SCS) is the lifeline of the people of the state which has been underplayed by Venkaiah Naidu and Chandrababu Naidu who have been working and speaking in tandem, YSR Congress has said that it will continue its fight until the goal is achieved.
 ‘While special status benefits the multitude of people special package will benefit a select contractors and a coterie. Venkaiah Naidu advocating the TDP view point that the special status is not a wonder drug raises doubts about his political affiliations,’ party leader Bhumana Karunakar Reddy told reporters here on Wednesday.
 It was Venkaiah Naidu who has been touring the state more frequently, despite his claim that he was elected from this state, and participating in a slew of felicitation functions in which he has been constantly praising Chandrababu Naidu and undermining the need for special status.
 It was the same Venkaiah Naidu who sought special category status for 10 years in Rajya Sabha and Chandrababu Naidu wanted for five more years. After coming to power the duo is working hard to push the issue to back burner, he said.
 The Union Minister’s claim that he had went back on the special status issue after leaders from other states approached him and sought the same benefit for their states has no relevance as it was the same Venkaiah Naidu who spoke about the need for special status which was included in the election manifesto and released at Vizag before the 2014 elections which came after the Parliament session, he said.
The amount released by RBI to the states having special category status was three times more than that of Andhra Pradesh and the many riders for giving the benefit to our state have come up only after forming the government and not even during electioneering, he said.
 ‘It is unbecoming on part of Venkaiah Naidu to speak ill about YSR Congress during his felicitation at Tenali,’ he said.
 ‘While YSR Congress stands for the people, leaders opposing the special status and ask for special package have a commercial agenda,’ he said adding that they will take up the issue to its logical end.

Corruption rampant in State

Hyderabad, Sept 28: Reiterating that corruption has grown manifold in the state, YSR Congress has said that TDP has institutionalized corruption and has been brazenly patronizing it and even a national survey has pointed out that Andhra Pradesh tops the list of corrupt states in the country.
 Speaking to reporters here on Wednesday, party MLA G Srikanth Reddy said: ‘corruption levels have gone up very high and with Chandrababu Naidu himself being named in the cash for vote case and the trend has percolated down the line.
 MLAs have been openly speaking in relative terms on the issue of corruption as the National Council for Applied Economic Resources has placed Andhra Pradesh on top of the table of corrupt states. From the top leadership down the line corruption has become rampant and it has been like never before, he said.
 ‘Leaders from the ruling party have turned into extortionists and it has come in the open. Contractors and even MLAs have been openly spilling the beans which shows the general acceptance within the party circles,’ he said.
 Polavaram project has been only to benefit the contractors preferred by the ruling party and the irrigation deals are in the open with the small balance of works of YSR’s Jalayagnam being given on single tender to preferred contractors at highly inflated rates, he said.
 Even the Godavari and Krishna pushkarams were seen as an opportunity to mint money and was blatantly done while core issues like drought were neglected, he said.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Babu is all lies and deception

  • People backstabbed with ignorance of promises
  • There is no CM worse than him
  • Not a little help to farmers
  • Flood victims should be rescued at least now
  • YS Jagan's tour in flooded areas
Guntur: The leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan criticised that Chandrababu was not bothering about the difficulties of farmers and people in villages. He slammed Babu for taking flights leaving people to suffer. He reminded how Babu had backstabbed his father-in-law NT Ramarao for power and added that he had now backstabbed people to get into power, with his poll promises. He toured in flooded areas and stood supportive of victims of the natural disaster.
Caring the least about pouring rain, he met and consoled victims in Reddygudem. People reported to him that neither rulers nor officials had come to their rescue. Speaking on this occasion, YS Jagan stated that it was unfortunate that the Government had not offered a rupee as assistance to the flood victims. He criticised Chandrababu for not entering villages.
YS Jagan stated that an amount of Rs.120 crore was due as input subsidy from the Government to farmers of Guntur district alone. While the centre paid Rs.463 crore of the total Rs.1000 crore, Babu had misused it for something else, he complained. Calling Babu a man of lies, YS Jagan questioned if he had any love for the farmers. After announcing that agricultural and DWCRA loans would be unconditionally waived, he had backed off upon coming to power, YS Jagan commented.

He mentioned how women were mortgaging their nuptial chains in order to get loans, as a result of Babu's deception. Recollecting how TDP's poll promises had said that babu should come to power for mortgaged gold to come back home, he criticised that Babu was watching the show as banks were auctioning the mortgaged gold. He condemned Chandrababu's instructing banks to not offer loans to farmers, over not waiving their old loans. He exclaimed that there was no CM in India, worse than Chandrababu.

YS Jagan stated that the farmers were in deteriorated state of mind after having seen their crops withering due to lack of rainfall till the end of August and now drowning in floods, after giving a little temporary hope. He mentioned that cotton, rice and chilly were sown in lakhs of acres only to be destroyed by the calamity. Rice in houses got wet. Thirty computers in schools were drenched in the water. But Babu was least concerned about all this, while roaming in his helicopters, YS Jagan remarked. He made it clear that YSRCP would stay supportive of all the farmers and victims of flood till they received proper assistance.